Time To Ascend 21​/​12​/​12

by Grime Weasel

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Contains 7 tunes that have been in the making for too long now. covering essential topics such as aliens and politics.

Spoonstep is a combination of Downtempo with Minimal Techno and a dash of Psychedelic Percussion.

Smoked Out - A stonner song made with samples from other classic weed related tunes.

Balls Deep In Politics - Switching it up with a dark vibe on the reality of politics today.

U.F.S - A light hearted tune about alines not to be taking seriously.

Hang Drum Interlude - An interlude with the wonderfull instrument that is the hang drum.

Quantum (Ascention Mix) - A more upbeat remix of the only successfull Grime Weasel tune "Quantum"

4 Laws Of Creation -Around 7 minuites of psychedelic percussion, with vocal samples of an actual alien o.O

Psychedelic Meditation - a chilled out downtempo ending for this release.


- Señor Grime Weasel -


released December 21, 2012

Heres 7 tunes representing my first plateua of beatmaking as a result of the events from the begining of this summer till now.



all rights reserved


Grime Weasel Bristol, UK

Spoonstep Pioneer and Turntablist opperating out of Bristol, UK

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Track Name: 4 Laws Of Creation - Grime Weasel
1. is that you exsist
2. The one is the all the all are the one
3. what you put out is what you get back
4.change is the only constant, except for the first 3 laws